The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship
The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

New: Also check out "Playing the Inner Game" -- over 6 hours of audio recorded live of Larry discussing The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship.

The days of the big corporation as the driver of job growth in our economy are largely over.  The small business started and run by entrepreneurs is the new economic unit. 

Who are these entrepreneurs responsible for so much activity in the marketplace?  It's you, and me, and our neighbors.  So many people attempt to be business owners – partly for the freedom it can afford, and partly because owning and operating a business is the number one way to become wealthy in a free market country. 

But being an entrepreneur is not easy – evidenced by the fact that many businesses are not making money, and their owners are not experiencing the freedom they sought in the beginning.  In fact, most businesses struggle to make ends meet, and their owners are slaves to the business.  They are worse off than if they had a job because of the immense responsibility and they can't quit like they can a job – or they lose everything. 

What is the difference between business owners who struggle and eventually fail, and ones who succeed?  It's the way the owner thinks.  The business is the extended shadow of the owner's thinking, decision making and leadership.  The thinker makes all the difference.  What we have on the outside, is a result of what is happening on the inside.  It is up to us.

But what are the qualities, dimensions, and distinctions that make a leader of a business be an effective one?  That's what Larry Janesky explores in "The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship".  This program was recorded live in October of 2013 with an audience of 100 business owners in attendance. 

Some comments from attendees -

  • "This is Larry's best work to date"
  • "It had me riveted in thought the entire time"
  • "I've been to a lot of seminars.  Larry understands what I'm going through.  I felt he was speaking to me the whole time – like he knew what my life was like trying to run this business.  He knew what to say, and how to free me.  I'm a new person and new leader as a result.  I have a much more positive outlook on my company's future."

Although there was a workbook available to those in attendance, there is nothing like the combination of such powerful meaty content as Larry delvers here and the repetition of audio to make you a better business leader.

"This program is very powerful.  It quieted my mind.  I am strategizing in a more concise way", said  Nicole Russo, president of Microboard Processing.

This program is 9 hours and 7 minutes of thought provoking discussion to challenge the way entrepreneurs habitually think and make decisions.  Not available anywhere else, but from Larry Janesky's own production studio through his website.

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